5R110 TorqShift Automatic Transmission

TorqShift 5R110 Transmission Specs, Gear Ratios, & Information


5R110 TorqShift Gear Ratios






5 (OD)


Ratio (:1):










TorqShift Transmission Specs


Ford 5R110 TorqShift automatic transmission


Ford Motor Company

- Manufactuered in Ford's Sharonville transmission plant, located near Cincinnati, Ohio

Production Run:

2003 - 2009 Ford Super Duty (6.0L & 6.4L Power Stroke)


Mercon SP - Ford advises against using or mixing with Mercon/Dexron, Mercon V, or Syn Mercon fluids


- Computer controlled
- Integrated Tow/Haul mode
- Upgraded cooling and lubrication systems (greater capacities for increased performance & longevity)

- PTO provisions

Tow/Haul Mode:

- Sophisticated shift techniques for enhanced towing

- Prevents shift hunting while towing

- Engages torque converter lockup at lower engine speeds
- Keeps torque converter locked during deacceleration for enhanced engine braking and trailer control during decents.

- Automatically downshifts (when required) on downgrades to maintain safe vehicle speed while towing

Additional Info:


- 5 speed

- Rear wheel drive

- 1100 lb-ft capacity
- Wide ratio































TorqShift 5 Transmission


Ford TorqShift Transmission

Ford designed the TorqShift transmission to back their new 6.0L Power Stroke in 2003. It was produced and used behind Power Stroke diesels until 2010, when the 6.7L Power Stroke was released with an all new, 6-speed TorqShift transmission. The TorqShift is well known for providing crisp, firm, quick shifts without sacrificing driver comfort (no jerking or "banging" into gear). While essentially a redesign of the E4OD/4R100, the TorqShift offers many features unavailable in previous Ford transmissions. While advertised as a 5-speed automatic, the TorqShift is technically a 6-speed automatic. By engaging 3rd gear and overdrive simultaneously, a 1.09:1 gear ratio is accomplished. This gear is only used during cold operation, and once the transmission/engine are warm, the standard 1-5 gears are used (ratios above). This 1.09:1 is considered the "true" 4th gear, but is not used during normal operation. The TorqShift has a reputation of being one of the stronger transmissions on the market, and has been known to handle torque levels substantially greater than stock.



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