47RE Automatic Transmission

47RE Transmission Specs, Gear Ratios, & Information


47RE Gear Ratios:





4 (OD)


Ratio (:1):









47RE Transmission Specs:


47RE automatic transmission



Production Run:

1996 - 2002 Dodge Ram 2500/3500


ATF+4 automatic transmission fluid


- Torque converter lockup (with in cab TC lockup swith)
- 450 lb-ft torque capacity

Additional Info:


- 4 speed

- 7 (strength designation on a scale of 1-9, 9 being strongest)

- Rear wheel drive
- Electronically controlled
















47RE transmission image

Chrysler/Dodge 47RE

The 47RE belongs to Chrysler's TorqueFlite family of automatic transmissions. The 47RE automatic transmission that backed the 5.9L Cummins from 1996 to 2002 has receives a "love hate" reputation. Owners who do not experience problems with their 47RE swear by them, while owners who have issues continuously curse them. Unfortunately, a large percentage of owners do experience problems with the transmission, and as such it is considered one of the more problematic automatic transmissions by the diesel truck community.


Chrysler made several changes to the transmission during its production cycle, which addressed various problems such as unreliable shift solenoids and inadequate overdrive pressure. The 47RE also receives flak for less than ideal gear ratios and low torque capacity. While the gear ratios work well in gasoline engine applications, it fails to properly keep the 5.9L Cummins within its ideal torque range. The torque capacity of the 47RE 450 lb-ft; very low considering in 2001 the auto trans powered Cummins was rated at 460 lb-ft. (See 5.9L Cummins output timeline). This is why between model years 1994 - 2000, automatic tranmission powered trucks were significantly detuned to prevent premature transmission failure.


However, 47RE owners can enjoy reliability and long transmission life by properly maintaining the transmission. This includes transmission fluid and filter changes at the recommended service intervals, as well as band adjustments to eliminate slipping and premature failure. This will help eliminate many of the common issues these transmissions have. The 2 main causes of 47RE failure are failure to properly maintain the transmission, and increasing the torque output of the engine. If you are interested in increasing the performance of your 5.9L, the aftermarket offers many solutions to building a bulletproof 47RE that can support your power levels.




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