General Motors Diesel History

GM's Ties with Detroit Diesel & Isuzu

5.7L Oldsmobile Diesel

The 350 cubic inch Oldsmobile diesel appeared in 1978 and production ended in 1985. The engine is commonly mistaken for a converted version of the 350 ci gasoline engine. Though the engines share similar specifications (bore, stroke, displacement, etc), the engine designs are not the same. A 350 ci gas engine can not be converted into a diesel. The engine was plagued with problems only hurt General's Motor reputation in the diesel market. This engine was used primarily in Oldsmobile cars and light duty GM/Chevrolet trucks.
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6.2L General Motors Diesel

The 6.2L diesel was GM's first real dive into the diesel truck market. The engine began appearing in GM trucks in 1982. Though not the most popular engine, it lasted until 1992, when it was replaced by 6.5L. The 6.2 failed to intensify competition in the diesel market, where Ford & Dodge diesel trucks surpassed its performance & reliability.
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6.5L General Motors Diesel

The 6.5L GM diesel was produced between 1992 and 2001 for GM trucks. It is still in use today, now being produced by AM General for military applications. The 6.5L surpassed the 6.2L in performance, and though still trailing behind Ford & Dodge in popularity, the 6.5L brought GM deeper into the diesel truck market.
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6.6L Duramax 6600

The Duramax 6600, a 6.6L turbodiesel, was introduced in 2001 to replace the 6.5L. The Duramax was a huge move in the right direction for General Motors, who since introducing the Duramax has become a big competitor in the diesel truck market. The 6.6L is still being used today in GMC & Chevrolet HD trucks. 5 different versions of the Duramax have been produced, with the latest being the LML.
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