DT 466 Specs

International's Legendary Engine










DT 466The DT 466 has a reputation more than 25 years in the making. International introduced the DT 466 in 1984. The inline 6 diesel is one of the most popular engines in the medium duty truck market. They are found in buses, moving trucks, tow trucks, and even some heavy duty engine. It's well known for longevity, durability, and performance. If you have ever moved, chances our your belongings were transported by a DT 466. The current variant of the DT 466 is the MaxxForce DT. The engine has gained the respect and attention of fleets across the nation. International simply calls this engine "The Legend", and for good reason.


DT 466 (MaxxForce DT) Specs:


International Navistar (formerly International Harvester)


MaxxForce DT (formerly DT 466)


7.6 liters, 466 cubic inches


Cast Iron, wet sleeve, inline 6


4.59 inches


4.68 inches

Compression Ratio:

16.4 : 1


Turbocharged - current model features dual sequential turbochargers.


- 1984 - 1995: Mechanical injection pump

- 1994 - 2004: HEUI injection system
- 2004 - present: Generation 2 HEUI injection system

Horsepower (current):

Up to 300 hp @ 2,200 rpm

Torque (current):

Up to 860 lb-ft @ 1,300 rpm

Engine Weight:

1,425 lbs dry

B50 Engine Life:

550,000 miles























The wet cylinder sleeve design benefits owners in several ways. It makes rebuilds easier and faster, reducing downtime by allowing for engine rebuilds with the engine left on the chassis. Additionally, it increases durability over a dry sleeved engine. The engine generates torque at an ultra-low 1,300 rpm and has a governed speed of 2,400 rpm.























































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