Water Methanol Injection

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Water Meth Injection The downfall of increasing performance with more fuel is high exhaust gas temperatures. High EGTs can cause catastrophic damage to engines. Water injection helps drastically lower exhaust gas temperatures, keeping them at a manageable level. Methanol injection enhances performance by introducing additional fuel into the intake charge. Water-methanol injection is a modification that should be considered by anyone uses their modified diesel to compete (drag race, sled pull) or frequently haul heavy loads.


Otherwise Known As:

Water meth, water methanol injection, intercooler in a bottle

How It Works:

Water methanol injection is most typically used in a 50/50 mix, although mixtures can range from 100 % water to 100 % methanol. Water methanol systems are best known for lowering exhaust gas temperatures, which can cause catastrophic failures if they reach certain levels for extended periods (1250 F is the conservative industry standard for most engines). Water injected into the intake charge acts like an intercooler, and is most responsible for lowering EGTs. Methanol acts as additional fuel, and therefore is responsible for lowering EGTs & increasing horsepower/ torque. A water-rich mixture will give you best results in lowering EGT's, while a methanol-rich mixture will give you best results in increasing performance.


• Cooler Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT).
• More horsepower & torque on demand.
• Inexpensive to use.


• Bulky water/meth resovoir.
• May need frequent refilling if used often.

Possible Problems:

• Possibility of detonation in highly modified vehicles injecting too much methanol.
• Small possibility of rust forming when using pure water injection (use distilled water and/or additives to eliminate possibility).

Est. Gains:

40 - 70 horsepower depending on the water/methanol mixture.


Power Stroke, Cummins, & Duramax

Additional Info:

Some over the counter windshield washer fluid is 30 percent methanol & 70 percent water, and can be used in water methanol injection systems.
















































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