Diesel Propane Injection

Propane Injection for More Power & Fuel Economy

Propane injection for diesels Diesel propane injection can offer a long term performance boost when you need it. When used in conservative quantities, DPI is a safe performance modification that will give you a fair boost in fuel economy & torque.


Otherwise Known As:

DPI, diesel propane injection

How It Works:

Propane acts as a fuel catalyst, allowing you to extract the most potential out of diesel fuel. During normal operation, a diesel engine burns approx. 75 - 80 percent of the fuel injected. By injecting propane in the engine, nearly 100 % of the diesel fuel is burned during the combustion process. Propane, being a fuel, also increases power by introducing itself into the engine. By improving the efficiency of the engine, huge fuel mileage gains are typically gained by the use of diesel propane injection.


• Fair horsepower & torque output increase on demand.
• Noticable increases in fuel economy.
• Reasonably safe for use on stock vehicles.


• Hassle of finding mounting location for bulky tank.
• Hassle of refilling tank periodically.

Possible Problems:

Can cause detonation under load in highly modified applications.

Est. Gains:

50 - 100 horsepower, depending on application.


Power Stroke, Cummins, & Duramax

Additional Info:

Longer refill intervals in comparison to nitrous & water/methanol injection.









































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