Power Stroke HPOP

Performance High Pressure Oil Pump for Powerstroke Diesels





adrenaline hpop The 7.3L & 6.0L Power Stroke engines utilize a HEUI injection system (hydraulic electronic unit injection). A high pressure oil pump pressurizes oil and sends it to each of the engines HEUI injectors. The pressured oil puts force on a plunger, which pressurizes fuel in the injector. This is different than common rail systems found on other engines, in which fuel is pressurized by a high pressure pump and sent to the injector. In an HEUI injector, fuel is pressured in the injector body.


Otherwise Known As:

high pressure oil pump, HPOP

How It Works:

Upgrading the hpop increases the pumps efficiency. This translates to high injection pressures, better fuel atomization, & support for larger injectors. It is unlikely that stock trucks will benefit from an upgraded pump, since the stock unit provides sufficient pressure for the stock injection system. However, if you plan on running larger injectors or aggressive programming on your 7.3L/6.0L Power Stroke, you can benefit from an HPOP upgrade.


• Supports larger injectors.
• More horsepower & torque for modified trucks.
• Build oil pressure faster than stock pump.


• Installation is difficult.
• Stock trucks will generally not benefit.

Possible Problems:

Too much oil pressure can be rough on injectors. HEUI injectors are engineered to operate efficiently at 3,000 PSI.

Est. Gains:

• Up to 100 lb-ft on trucks with tuning only.
• Trucks with larger injectors will have much bigger gains; dependent on setup.


7.3L & 6.0L Power Stroke

Additional Info:

Before ordering, speak to a dealer to find the HPOP that properly matches your application. Installation is difficult and should be performed by someone qualified to ensure proper, safe operation.












































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