Nitrous Oxide Injection

Get Instant Performance with a Diesel Nitrous Setup

Nitrous Oxide Looking for an instant, on-demand horsepower boost? Nitrous oxide injection can unleash an additional 50-300 horsepower on your high performance diesel at the push of a button. Nitrous has a reputation of being harsh on gasoline engines, but is actually rather safe for use in diesel applications. However, nitrous oxide injection is only legal for off-road use, so the bottle will need to be turned off for on-highway driving purposes.


Otherwise Known As:

NOS, Nitrous, laughing gas, turbo in a bottle.

How It Works:

Nitrous oxide injection works in several ways to increase the horsepower & torque output of your diesel. To begin with, nitrous oxide is 36 % oxygen (the air that your engine naturally compresses is approx. 21 % oxygen). Adding more oxygen to the intake charge produces more power. The second way nitrous oxide works is by giving you the oppurtunity to add even more fuel to the oxygen rich mixture & take full advantage of the power potential available. The third & final way a nitrous system gives you more power is by acting like an intercooler. Nitrous oxide is delivered to the engine at a cool -127 degrees F, giving you a cold, dense intake charge.


• Big horsepower & torque gains on demand.
• Relatively low risk (assuming your system is properly matched to your application).
• Affordable systems available.


• Intake charge can become too cool for complete combustion to occur.
• Engine needs to be able to handle additional power that nitrous can produce.
• Most expensive injectable to refill; may be difficult finding refilling stations.
• Illegal for street use; valve must be closed while driving on on public roads.

Possible Problems:

• Turbo overspeeding: Nitrous works almost instantaneously, and the sudden boost in exhaust flow may send your turbo spinning at dangerously high speeds. To eliminate this risk, make sure you to use an appropriate wastegate.
• Too much nitrous may cause engine to stutter.
• Nitrous can backfire through the intake system.

Est. Gains:

50 - 300 horsepower; dependent on volume of fuel available in your setup.


Power Stroke, Cummins, & Duramax.

Additional Info:

Electronic controllers can trigger nitrous in several stages. This allows a single nitrous oxide system to deliver variable volumes of nitrous at different times. Different nitrous stages can then be triggered at different events (RPM, transmission gear change, manually, etc). An example of the benefit of staging nitrous oxide is dragstrip launches; the system can be programmed to release only a small dose of nitrous when coming off the line to control traction, while other stages will inject post-launch to reach peak horsepower at speeds where loss of traction is less likely. Nitrous Oxide is illegal for on-highway use.










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