Lift Pump Upgrades

Upgrade Your Lift Pump for Heavy Fueling








Lift pump Running larger than stock injectors & injection pumps is a great way to increase diesel performance. But if your factory lift pump can not keep up with your injection pump, you are not reaching your full potential; your performance may even be suffering. An aftermarket lift pump will greatly outflow your factory unit and ensure you always have fuel pressure to your injection pump. Furthermore, starving your injection pump can actually cause damage, since diesel fuel provides vital pump lubrication.


Otherwise Known As:

Lift pump, fuel pump

How It Works:

A diesel lift pump pumps diesel to the injector pump of your engine. Though most injection pumps can pull enough fuel for the engine to run without a lift pump, the lift pump is a crucial part of the fuel system. Without the lift pump, the additional strain on the injector pump would cause it to prematurely fail. Just as important, a new lift pump is a necessary upgrade if your performing any drastic modifications to the injection pump or injection system (including injectors). If your trying to make more horsepower & torque by introducing more fuel, then a lift pump upgrade is a must as well.


• You will never have to worry about flowing enough fuel to the injection pump.
• Peace of mind, prevents injection pump failure due to starvation.


You may end up installing one when it is not completely necessary, but you will not have to be concerned about it in the future.

Possible Problems:

Make sure the lift pump you choose will flow adequate fuel for the injection system you have, or plan to install.

Est. Gains:

Flowing enough fuel so you do not starve your injection pump.


Power Stroke, Cummins, & Duramax

Additional Info:

Upgrade the lift pump (for peace of mind, if nothing else) if you plan on performing any modifications to the fuel or injection system. The factory lift pump on 5.9L Cummins tends to give up around 100,000 miles.














































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