Aftermarket Intake Elbow

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Aftermarket intake elbow An aftermarket, performance intake elbow is a great budget modification for your diesel. It will compliment any additional modifications to the intake system, including a cold air intake or turbocharger upgrade. Relatively speaking, performance gains are low, but the additional airflow capability can compliment future or additional performance modifications.


Otherwise Known As:

Intake elbow, air intake elbow

How It Works:

An aftermarket intake elbow features smooth transitions & optimized inlet/outlet designs, which reduces restriction on the intake side of the engine. By allowing air to flow easier & with less turbulence, pumping losses are minimized. As a result, EGTs are lowered, fuel economy is increased, and hp/torque output is increased.


• Simple install.
• Relatively inexpensive modification.
• Most aftermarket intake elbows feature ports for nitrous, propane, or water-methanol injection, a bonus if you plan on using injectables.


Higher dollar per horsepower than many other modifications.

Possible Problems:


Est. Gains:

10 - 20 hp increase (varies greatly on application & additional modifications).


Power Stroke, Cummins, and Duramax.

Additional Info:

• An aftermarket intake elbow can outflow a stock elbow by:
* 40-50% on the 6.0L Power Stroke
* 30-45% on the 5.9L Cummins
* 10-20% on the 7.3L Power Stroke

*Information collected from various manufacturer's claims.









































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