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Prevent Blown Head Gaskets with Head Studs








Head studs More air + more fuel = more performance. However, it also means higher cylinder pressures. While the bottom end of our diesels can handle quite a bit of extra power, the factory head bolts have been known to fail in performance applications, causing the heads to lift and the head gaskets to blow. This is an especially important topic for 6.0L Power Stroke owners. The 6.0L can be a great motor, but the factory torque-to-yield head bolts are known for stretching when performance is increased. However, anyone running larger injectors, high boost, aggressive programming, or any combination of these should consider upgrading to head studs.


Otherwise Known As:

head studs, headstuds

How It Works:

Performance head studs due not stretch like factory head bolts. They also provide a more even distribution of holding force. Installing them prevents head lift and head gasket failures in high performance diesels. While it may not be completely necessary in mild applications, it is a good peace of mind to have.


Drastically decreases chances of head gasket failure, even in the 6.0L Power Stroke.



Possible Problems:

Follow the torquing procedure provided by the head stud manufacturer to ensure proper installation and seal.

Est. Gains:

Peace of mind.


All Power Stroke, Cummins, & Duramax engines.

Additional Info:

• It can not be stressed enough how important it is for 6.0L Power Stroke owners to consider this mod. While it is pricey, it eliminates one of the largest problems with the 6.0L and improves their reliability, even in high performance engines.
• Cummins engines generally have the strongest head bolt design, but should still consider this mod if they plan on using big injectors or raising boost pressures.
• If head studs are not strong enough for you, consider having the cylinder head fire ringed.
















































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