Diesel Exhaust Stacks

Nothing Screams Diesel Like A Pair of Stacks


Smoke Stacks A set of smoke stacks and there is no mistaking that your truck is diesel powered. While the stacks themselves are not performance enhancing, they sure offer a performance look and sound. If you plan on drag racing, a set of exhaust stacks may save you some trouble. Diesels that produce large quantities of smoke are often restricted from having side exit exhaust due to health & safety concerns. This is usually fixed by an ugly piece of flex pipe that points the exhaust upward and away from the crowd.


Otherwise Known As:

Stacks, Exhaust stacks, smoke stacks

How It Works:

Exhaust stacks themselves are purely aesthetic. Though they will not increase the performance of your vehicle, nothing screams "performance" like a set of smoke stacks protruding through the bed. A pair of stacks releasing that deep performance diesel moan as smoke bellows from the tips...now that is a modification that diesel enthusiasts everywhere can appreciate!


Good looks, screams diesel.


Requires cutting holes in the bed. Stacks protrude through the bed of the truck, therefore taking up precious cargo space.

Possible Problems:

Keep the length of the stacks proportional to the size of the truck. Do you really want them sitting 5 feet above the cab?

Est. Gains:

Lots of turned heads.


Power Stroke, Cummins, & Duramax

Additional Info:

Stacks come in many different sizes & shapes. If you do not find some that you like, make your own.













































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