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Electric cooling fan Mechanical cooling fans rob horsepower and torque from your engine. Electric cooling fans are spun by electric motors, not the engines drive belt, there by restoring this lost power. The upgrade does not add horsepower/torque, but restores that lost power. While you should not expect neck-snapping torque increases with a set of e-fans, surprising fuel economy increases have been reported.


Otherwise Known As:

Electric cooling fans, e fans, electric fans

How It Works:

The factory mechanical cooling fan robs power from the engine. The faster it spins, the more power it is using from the engine. Power that it is used to spin the fan is power that is not transmitted to the tires. Electric fans replace the mechanical cooling fan and are spun by electric motors, not your engine. This allows you to reclaim the horsepower/torque required to spin a mechanical cooling fan. While a set of e-fans will not help you set any land speed records, the gains are respectable and the additional fuel economy should help pay for the upgrade. Additionally, e-fans are more often than not an upgrade for your truck's cooling system, meaning you won't be overheating anytime soon.


• Respectable increases in horsepower/torque.
• Noticeable increases in fuel economy.
• Maximum airflow without robbing horsepower from the engine.


Not the most cost-effective modification.

Possible Problems:

Make sure the electric fans you select are rated to handle the max weight you will be towing/hauling (cooling requirements increase rapidly if you tow a lot, and not all fans are created equally in this aspect).

Est. Gains:

• Small increases in horsepower & torque, claims of up to 30 hp.
• Noticeable increases in fuel economy.


All Power Stroke, Cummins, & Duramax engines.

Additional Info:

If you tow a lot during the hot summer months, make sure the fans you select are rated for that. Some "universal" fans will work fine for daily driving, but won't pull enough air to keep a loaded down truck cool. Your best bet is to get an electric fan kit that is designed specifically for your truck and that meets your airflow requirements.
















































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