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EGR Delete Newer trucks are equipped with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) systems, which reduce the emission of nitrous oxides (NOx). A portion of exhaust gases are recirculated into the intake stream, which lowers combustion temperatures & the amount of oxygen in the combustion chamber. The EGR valve controls when & how much exhaust gases are recirculated, while an EGR cooler cools the exhaust gases before they are recirculated. EGR coolers & systems are prone to failure due to clogging & build up caused by exhaust soot. Deleting or blocking off the EGR system should be considered in performance applications.


Otherwise Known As:

EGR valve, EGR cooler, exhaust gas recirculation valve, EGR block off, EGR eliminator, EGR delete, EGR cooler delete

How It Works:

When EGR valves or coolers clog, bad things happen. Performance will diminish, turbochargers can overboost, excess smoking can occur, and your truck may even throw a check engine light. EGR coolers also raise engine coolant temperatures. An EGR system delete eliminates all the problems associated with the EGR system, which become more persistent in trucks with additional fueling mods. By eliminating the system, various manufacturers claim an increase in fuel economy, performance, lower exhaust gas temperatures, cooler intake air temperatures, & cooler engine coolant temperatures.


• Eliminates reliability concerns caused by EGR clogging.
• Performance & fuel economy increase.
• Mild installation difficulty.
• Well worth the price of a kit.


Not street legal.

Possible Problems:

If improperly installed, leaks can occur.

Est. Gains:

Small increase in horsepower & fuel economy.


Most popular on the 6.0L Power Stroke.
• Duramax , Cummins, & Power Stroke engines that use an EGR system.

Additional Info:

• If your truck produces large quantities of soot, consider that portions of that soot have to run through the EGR valve & cooler. Major cloggage will occur over time.
• EGR valve/cooler problems are most commonly associated with the 6.0L Power Stroke. In fact, the faulty EGR system & the TTY (torque to yield) head bolts are the cause of most 6.0L problems. With an EGR cooler/valve delete & headstuds, the 6.0L Power Stroke is as reliable as any diesel our there.
• EGR cooler/valve deletes are not street legal & designed for off-road use only.



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