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DPF A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a component of the exhaust system that captures diesel particulate matter (soot). When the filter becomes clogged, the engine goes through a cycle known as active regeneration. During the active regeneration cycle, the engines' idle speed is increased and diesel fuel is injected into the exhaust stream to raise temperatures in the DPF, effectively burning off the soot in the filter. While the use of a DPF is highly effective in eliminating up to 99% of diesel soot emissions, the DPF is a very restrictive device, and the active regeneration cycle kills fuel economy. DPFs are current found on all new Duramax, Cummins, & Power Stroke diesels in order to comply with strict EPA diesel emissions regulations.


Otherwise Known As:

DPF, diesel particulate filter

How It Works:

Diesel soot has been linked to several types of cancer & contributes to poor air quality. While we all love a breath of fresh air, the new emissions regulations are often regarded as a harsh response to the global warming epidemic. All politics & opinions aside, the DPF is a very restrictive unit, and removing it is necessary to get the most from an aftermarket exhaust system. For light modifications, the DPF can be left in place and higher performance achieved. However, when additional fuel is being injected (due to aftermarket tuning or injectors), more soot will be produced. This will cause the DPF to clog frequently and the truck would enter active regeneration at short intervals. This is not beneficial for performance or fuel economy. Therefore, the diesel performance aftermarket has engineered many affordable systems for deleting the DPF & eliminating any related problems in high performance applications.


• Unrestricted exhaust flow.
• Cooler EGTs


• Not street legal.
• Requires tuning for engine to function properly without DPF.

Possible Problems:

If you do not have any tuning, your engine may not function properly, your check engine light may come on, and your engine will throw trouble codes.

Est. Gains:

• 10-25 hp & 50-80 lb-ft
• Manufacturers claim up to 7 mpg improvement.


• 6.4L/6.7L Power Stroke
• 6.7L Cummins
• 6.6L Duramax LMM & LML

Additional Info:

Removing the DPF requires programming to ensure the truck does not throw any engine codes. Programmers are available that only fix this issue, or you can find a programmer that is compadible with a DPF delete that also gives a big performance boost. If you have a DPF equipped truck and plan on performing this modification, choose a programmer that is compadible with a DPF delete mod.


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