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performance diesel exhaust An exhaust system is the standard modification in any crowd, and diesel trucks are no exception. An exhaust system gives your truck attitude, both in performance & sound. Plus, it can help lower your exhaust gas temperatures & decrease turbo lag (the time it takes for a turbocharger to spool or create boost). An aftermarket diesel exhaust kit is the perfect starting place for modding your diesel.


Otherwise Known As:

Diesel exhaust system, turbo-back exhaust, cat-back exhaust

How It Works:

Aftermarket exhaust systems reduce engine backpressure and pumping losses (an engine must pump exhaust gases out of the cylinder during the exhaust stroke). This translates into more power, reduced turbo lag, & low exhaust gas temperatures. A turbo-back diesel exhaust system replaces the exhaust system from the turbocharger to the exhaust tip, including the downpipe & muffler. A cat-back exhaust system leaves the factory downpipe & catalytic converter in place. A turbo-back exhaust system, the more common of the 2 for diesel applications, will outperform a cat-back, because the factory downpipe is a very restrictive component when compared to aftermarket replacements.


• Good overall value, and a great starting point.
• Get that distinct exhaust note of a performance diesel.
• Compliments additional modifications.
• Lower exhaust gas temperatures.


Exhaust noise, if your not into that; some diesels suffer from a low pitch "drone" while towing with an aftermarket system and it can lead to driver fatigue.

Possible Problems:

California emission testers are literally looking for reasons to fail your diesel powered truck; an aftermarket exhaust might be their golden ticket if your factory catalytic converter & muffler are not intact (unless your exhaust kit has a CARB EO number, making it street legal). This will also apply to states that adopt CA's emissions standards.

Est. Gains:

10-20 hp, 20-30 lb-ft, 100 degree lower EGT


All Power Stroke, Cummins, & Duramax engines.

Additional Info:

If big power is in your future, considering upgrading to 4 or 5 inch diameter tubing to support additional mods.

















































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