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Cold Air Intake One of the simplest modifications that can be performed on a turbo diesel truck is the installation of a cold air intake system. By introducing cooler, denser air into the intake stream & reducing intake system restriction, performance & fuel economy can be improved. Though a cold air intake system will not radically alter your diesel's manners, it is a great starting place.


Otherwise Known As:

Cold air intake, air intake, cold air intake kit, CAI

How It Works:

A cold air intake system replaces your stock air filter assembly with a high flow unit. The idea behind a cold air intake is simple; isolate the air filter as best as possible from the hot air surrounding the engine and reduce the restriction of the air intake housing, tubing, & air filter. Since cooler air is denser, the theory is that you will be able to pump the cylinders with more air with each stroke. The cooler the incoming air temperature, the denser the intake charge. The resulting reduction in restriction & air intake temperature creates more power & improves fuel economy.


• Large availability of kits, many options available.
• Relatively inexpensive, $150 - $350 could land you a quality system.
• Less turbocharger lag (quicker turbocharger spooling).
• Improved horsepower, torque, & fuel economy.
• Most kits utilize re-usable filters.


• Increased turbocharger noise (this could be a pro for many enthusiasts who enjoy the turbo whistle).
• Hassle of cleaning & re-oiling the filter, which can take time.

• Some filters provide less filtration than factory, disposable filters.

Possible Problems:

• As long as the system is installed correctly, there should not be any.
• Filter may require frequent cleaning when used in dusty environments.

Est. Gains:

Manufacturers claim between 10-25 HP on average. Expect a slight increase in fuel economy & noticeable differences in turbocharger spooling.


Power Stroke, Cummins, & Duramax

Additional Info:

Cold air intake kits are simple to install for the average individual who knows their way around the engine bay. This should be one of the first modifications on your mind if you are seeking more power & increased fuel mileage...and who isn't?


























































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