Cummins Fuel Stop Plate

P1700 Fuel Plate Upgrade




fuel stop plate The Cummins fuel stop plate is a small plate found inside of the P1700 mechanical injection pump, which comes equipped on 12-valve Cummins engines. By changing the plate with a performance version, you can increase the volume of fuel that the P1700 pump can flow. This is a very versatile modification, which can provide performance increases in stock or modified trucks.


Otherwise Known As:

Fuel stop plate, Cummins fuel stop plate, fuel plate, P1700 fuel stop plate, cam plate, torque plate

How It Works:

The fuel stop plate, or torque plate, regulates fuel flow within the P1700 injection pump found on 1994-1998 12v Cummins engines. A modified plate increases fuel flow of the injection pump, thus increasing performance.


• Inexpensive; great horsepower per dollar.
• Many different sized plates available for a variety of power levels.


• Requires disassembly of fuel pump.
• Additional fueling may cause higher exhaust gas temperatures.
• May cause excessive black smoke.

Possible Problems:

Too agressive of a fuel stop plate may cause EGT issues when used in conjuntion with inadequate turbocharger.

Est. Gains:

30-150 horsepower & 70-300 lb-ft of torque.


1994 - 1998 5.9L 12v Cummins

Additional Info:

Fuel plates are usually categorized by numbers #12 through #5. The higher the number, the less agressive the fuel plate. Modification should be performed by qualified persons only to ensure proper installation. Get recommendations from manufacturer to properly match a fuel plate to your application.











































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