CNG Injection

Boost Fuel Economy w/ CNG Injection



CNG Injection Compressed natural gas, or CNG injection systems are an excellent solution to fuel mileage woes. CNG injection works very similar to propane injection; if your willing to sacrifice bed space for fuel efficiency, check out what CNG injection has to offer.


Otherwise Known As:

CNG, compressed natural gas

How It Works:

CNG (compressed natural gas) injection works very similarly to propane injection. The system itself operates in the same manner as propane injection. As with propane, CNG acts as a fuel catalyst to ensure a much more complete combustion. CNG itself is more energy, stored in the form of gas, which adds horsepower & torque when it is being injected. CNG, however, has a higher octane rating than propane, which greatly reduces the chance of detonation occuring. Therefore, CNG can be injected in larger volumes than propane with less risk. CNG injection systems require more components than a DPI system, mainly because it requires pressure regulators. During operation, CNG can be pressurized near 3500 psi, while propane injection systems generally operate at a drastically lower 200 psi. The best thing about compressed natural gas injection, is that it is allows Duramax, Power Stroke, & Cummins powered trucks to achieve 30 + miles per gallon when properly tuned.


• Horsepower & torque increases over entire RPM range.
• Potential to increase fuel economy TREMENDOUSLY.
• Less chance of detonation than propane due to higher octane rating.
• CNG generally costs less than propane.


• Bulky bottle that will likely take up bed space.
• Inconvenience of filling the tank.
• CNG has a lower btu rating than propane injection, requiring systems to operate at much higher pressures to compensate.
• Possibility of detonation occuring.
• CNG is stored as a gas, so a tank of CNG will not last as long as a tank of propane, which is stored as a liquid.

Possible Problems:

Detonation may occur if used in excess under heavy loads.

Est. Gains:

• 50 - 100+ horsepower depending on application
• Big fuel economy boost.


Power Stroke, Cummins, & Duramax

Additional Info:

If fuel mileage is your main concern, CNG is something you should look into. As CNG injection gains popularity, more & more custom applications are becoming available.

























































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