Diesel Camshaft

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Performance Camshaft Aftermarket camshafts are a rare upgrade in the diesel performance industry. So much power can be released with other mods that it makes a camshaft swap seem like a waste of time. However, if you happen to have your engine tore down and are stuffing in performance parts, a new grind can change the manners of your turbodiesel.


Otherwise Known As:

camshaft, cam

How It Works:

Since turbo diesels are forced induction engines, they perform the best with camshafts that utilize high lift, long lift durations, and very little to no overlap between the power and exhaust strokes. While the OEM camshafts perform adequately, a custom grind may unleash power and broaden the engines power band.


Broader power band, increased hp/torque.


• Extensive work to install.
• May lose some streetability.
• Machining of pistons may be required if valve lift is being increased.

Possible Problems:

• May require stiffer valvesprings.
• May lose some streetability depending on aggressiveness.
• May sacrifice low-end torque for mid-upper range power increases.

Est. Gains:

N/A - varies greatly.


• 7.3L/6.0L Power Stroke
• 6.6L Duramax
• 5.9L Cummins

Additional Info:

Our best recommendation is to go with a custom ground camshaft, or one that has been built to be compatible with the modifications that you have made. The goal is to install a grind that compliments your current/future upgrades, so the cam specs can vary depending on your setup. A camshaft is not very realistic for your daily driver or tow rig. This upgrade should be considered for sled pulling, drag racing, and other high performance engine builds.















































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