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More Torque, Same Horsepower for 6.7L Cummins - If the latest 6.7L Cummins upgrade has you confused, this should help explain how Cummins can push more torque out of their engine without affecting peak horsepower. Or you may just want to skip this one, since Ram owners now get 800 lb-ft of torque and not everyone cares how it works!


Ford Super Duty Wins in Customer Satisfaction - America's best selling Ford Super Duty has managed to surpass GM and Dodge in customer satisfaction for 2011. Beating Dodge by 6%, and GM by 10%, Ford was the only manufacturer of the Big 3 to exceed 80% customer satisfaction, thanks in part to its new, in-house-built 6.7L Power Stroke diesel.


6.7L Power Stroke Torque Upgrade - Could GM and Ford be in the midst of a torque war? Ford thought they had the market on lockdown when they launched their 735 lb-ft, 6.7L Power Stroke. But out of nowhere, GM announced the output on their 6.6L Duramax had been increased to 765 lb-ft. Not one to give up easily, Ford's reaction to GM was 800 lb-ft, and FREE upgrades to owners who already purchased the lesser version of the Power Stroke.


Dodge Ram is Now Just Dodge - In a bold marketing move, Dodge Ram is now simply "Ram Trucks". Removing the "Dodge" is said to be an effort by Chrysler to attract a new age of truck buyers and ultimately increase sales. Don't worry, this is just a technicality; A Dodge is still a Dodge.


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