5th Annual Nor Cal Diesel Rally

NHRDA Diesel Drag Racing




The 5th annual Nor Cal Diesel Rally was hosted at Sacramento Raceway in Sacramento, CA on May 5th 2010. The NHRDA sanctioned event was featured diesel drag racing, a show-n-shine competition, and a dyno competition. The event was jammed pack with professional race trucks from the industry and many big names were on hand to show off their machines.


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There was no shortage of smoke when these 2 trucks launched from the starting line.

The heavily modified Dodge had an upper hand on the Super Duty, though both trucks ran respectable times.

There was plenty of flashy paint jobs at this NHRDA event.


This 1st Gen Dodge was a little slower off the line than his competitor, but laid down some impressive runs nonetheless.

Elite Diesel's Duramax was on hand representing the Chevy crowd.

This much smoke off the starting line is a clear sign that the owner of this Duramax may want to modify the intake side of his engine to take better advantage of the fuel on hand.


This orange 6.0L Power Stroke proved that the 6 liter is a potent powerplant when properly tuned.

The ultimate showdown, the orange Power Stroke squares up against the mighty Cummins.

In this chapter, the 6.0L proved to be much harder off the line that this 5.9L.

Maximum Diesel's Cummins powered Dodge squares up against another single cab Ram.

"Extreme Prejudice" and the Dynomite Diesel sponsored "Armor Inc" Cummins warm up the tires in prepartion of the race.

These Cummins light up the tires to make the tires stickier and provide better traction.


Hood stacks send a clear signal that this truck is all business.

Lined up at the tree, the trucks spool their turbos for a powerful launch.

Cole Dow's first gen proved that mechanical injection trucks can run with the common rails.

The Ram in the far lane was, in our opinion, one of the best looking trucks at the event. The trucks stance was clean and well balanced.

A long bed truck is an interesting choice for a race truck, but since he launches in 4 wheel drive, traction is not a big issue.

The Total Performance Diesel sponsored Cummins continuously performed the largest burnouts at the spectacle.

Here's another look at this clean Dodge; notice the custom paint stripe on the bed that replicates the scheme made popular by Mopars of the late 60's & early 70's.

These OBS Ford's didn't break any records, but it sure is nice to see a diverse crowd of racers show up to these competitions.

This Cummins powered Ramcharger has been transformed into a mean race rig.


The wind does not always cooperate with racers, often pushing their plumes of smoke in front of them.

Moments before launch, Extreme Prejudice is squaring off with an equally matched Cummins powered Ram.


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