Jefferson State Diesel Nationals

May 19th, 2012 @ Redding Dragstrip



Jefferson State Diesel Nationals

The Jefferson State Diesel Nationals were held at Redding Dragstrip in Redding, CA on May 19th, 2012. The 1/4 mile dragstrip is hidden deep in the sticks - the perfect venue for oil burners to gather and battle it out on the track. The event featured drag racing, sled pulling, burnout competition, and show n shine contest. The competition attracted trucks of all shapes and sizes; from stock pickups to triple turbo dragsters.

triple turbo cummins

bully dog drag truck

jefferson state diesel sled pulls

Like the sound of a turbo spooling up? How about three of them. Ponci's triple turbo Cummins powered altered made several passes down the track at the Jefferson State Diesel Nationals.

Bully Dog's 900+ horsepower drag truck was on scene clicking off 9 second quarter mile passes, as was the Duramax powered "Max'd Out" GMC.

Jefferson State Diesel Nationals sled pulling highlights. Watch trucks disappear in thick clouds of soot as they aim for the 300 foot mark pulling thousands of pounds of dead weight.

Video Link: Triple Turbo Cummins

Video Link: Bully Dog Drag Truck

Video Link: Jefferson State Diesel Sled Pulls


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diesel chevelle

What's better than a classic Chevelle? How about a Duramax powered Chevelle - a muscle car with some real muscle.

The Ponci's Diesel Center triple turbo, Cummins powered rail was without a doubt one of the most impressive spectacles.

The short "altered" dragster had some stability issues more than once while blasting down the track.

The MBRP Chevrolet drag truck was on scene representing the Duramax crowd with multiple low digit passes.

There was plenty of powerful Dodges to keep the Cummins crowd satisfied.

This lifted Chevrolet has to be one of the loudest and cleanest sounding Duramax' that we've come across.

1st Gen Cummins are always fun to see - especially when they are as clean and powerful as this white 93.

Can your gasser leave this hard? The 6.6L Duramax provides this Chevelle with plenty of torque...and then some.

"Max'd Out" proved that you don't need a Cummins to run with the big dogs.

Due to confusion in the staging lanes, the poor red Dodge was forced to back up (post burnout) multiple times.

Amazingly, the exhaust cleans up once the trucks once the turbos are fully spooled.

Upward pointing exhaust is required in most NHRDA race classes, making these odd looking exhaust spouts fairly common.

There were many 6.0L and 6.4L Power Strokes making impressive runs. It's always refreshing to see a little bit of everything at these events.

Don't let the stock appearance fool you; I'm sure this white Dodge surprises plenty of unsuspecting cars when it blows their doors off.

While not record breaking, we always enjoy seeing some OBS Ford's at the track.

That's not flat black paint, this Dodge Ram is Rhino lined from top to bottom. Unfortunately for the owner, the burnout contest was more abuse than this transmission could take.

Look carefully and you'll see the chunks of rubber flying as this Cummins powered Rat Rod blows a tire in the burnout compeition.

More often than not, trucks compete in the sled pulls and drag race. The versatility of diesel motorsports only adds to the enjoyment.




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