6.0L Power Stroke Fuel Filter Replacement

Fuel Filter Replacement Tutorial


The 6.0L Power Stroke is equipped with HEUI injectors, which are especially sensitive to fuel contamination. Replacing the fuel filters at the correct intervals is extremely important for HEUI equipped trucks like the 7.3L & 6.0L Power Strokes. Pictures are located at the bottom of the tutorial below for clarification.


• Their are 2 fuel filters on the 6.0L Power Stroke, 1 engine mounted and 1 chassis mounted fuel filter.

• The primary fuel filter is located on the driver side frame rail between the engine & fuel tank. The primary filter is connected to the fuel water seperator. You will need to drain the fuel water seperator before proceeding (reference pictures below if you have trouble locating the fuel-water seperator/filter housing).

• Using a 6mm allen wrench, remove the plug on the fuel water seperator to drain the fuel, catching it with an appropriate container (a coffee can or large mason jar works well). See pictures below for clarification on locating the drain plug.

• Reinstall the fuel water seperator drain plug. Using a 36mm socket remove, remove the fuel filter cap.

• Remove the old fuel filter from the cap and install the new one in reverse order. The fuel filter should snap into the fuel filter cap.

• Reinstall the fuel filter & cap. Torque to 25 Nm (19 ft-lbs). Over tightening the cap may result in cracking, proceed with caution.

• The secondary fuel filter is mounted on the front, driver side of the engine near the oil filter. Remove the fuel filter cap using a 1/2 square drive or a 24mm socket.

• Remove the filter from the housing. Drain the remaining fuel from inside the filter housing using a turkey baster or similar item. (Note: Don't use your wife's good turkey baster. Any small suction device will do).

• Install the new fuel filter and o-ring. Replace the cap and torque to 14 Nm. Over torquing the cap may result in cracking, proceed with caution.

• Before starting the engine, cycle the key in the on position for three 30 seconds periods. This will help purge air out of the fuel system. Start the engine & check for leaks. The engine may still run rough for a short period of time until all the air is purged from the fuel system.


Power Stroke Fuel Filter Replacement Pictures (click to view fullsize):

Locate & drain the fuel water seperator. It is located on the driver side frame well. A 6mm allen wrench removes the drain plug. The primary fuel filter is attached to the fuel water seperator. Use a 36mm socket to remove the cap & gain access to the filter. The end of the filter that has the snap on it goes into the cap. It is important not to install the filter backwards.
Locate the secondary fuel filter and remove the cap using a 1/2 square drive or 24mm socket. It is located on the driver's side, frontal portion of the engine (next to the oil filter). With the cap off, you can remove the old fuel filter, drain the fuel in the housing, and then install the new fuel filter.










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