Ford, GM, & Dodge Maintenance Tutorials


Below you find a variety of maintenance tips, tutorials, & maintenance interval information for Power Stroke, Duramax, & Cummins diesels. The key to a long engine life is proper maintenance. This includes using the correct fluids (oils, coolants, & lubricants) and servicing your truck at the correct intervals. A diesel engine is designed with longevity in mind, but neglecting to properly maintain your truck will ultimately result in premature failure.


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6.6L Duramax - Fuel Water Seperator Drain

6.0L Power Stroke Fuel Filter Replacement

Duramax Service Fluids Guide

Power Stroke EGR Valve Replacement


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Maintenance Safety Precautions:

Working on any automobile, car or truck, can be extremely dangerous. Be mindful of the dangers surrounding you when attempting to service your truck. The following tips will help you practice safety when working on or around automobiles.

• Never work under a vehicle whose only support is a jack. Always use jackstands to secure the vehicle, and always try to position your body in a manner that eliminates or reduces the risk of injury in the event of an accident - you want to be able to escape at the first sign of danger.

• Oils, solvents, fuels, & other chemicals commonly used in automotive repair are known to increase the risk of cancer. Avoid exposure to such chemicals by wearing chemical resistant gloves, as these fluids are absorbed by the body through the skin.

• Don't bite off more than you can chew - know the limitations of your abilities. While one of the best ways to learn is to make mistakes, there is often little room for error when it comes to working on your truck. There is no shame in watching an experienced mechanic

• Keep a fire extinguisher nearby whenever working on fuel systems.

• Always disconnect the battery when performing work on electrical systems.
• Always remove the negative battery cable first and install it last.

• Keep loose clothing & jewelry away from the engine when running.

• Allow the engine to cool before servicing.

• Use common sense - if something does not seem like a good idea, it likely isn't!


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Keep your vehicles shocks and struts maintained to ensure your safety and control on the road.