6.2L GM Diesel

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The 6.2L replaced the 5.7L Olds in GMC/Chevrolet trucks in 1982. The engine was manufactured by Detroit Diesel, a division of General Motors at the time. The 6.2 was introduced as a fuel-efficient alternative to the gasoline V-8 lineup, appearing at a time when consumers were focused on fuel efficiency more so than power. The naturally aspirated 6.2L was no powerhouse, although it was a reasonable alternative for those who wanted a pickup, but didn't necessarily need the high torque output offered by competitors.


6.2L GM Specs


Detroit Diesel (a division of GM at the time)

Production Years:

1982 - 1993


GM/Chevrolet C/K trucks, Hummer H1



Block/Head Material:

cast iron block, cast iron heads


379 cubic inches, 6.2 L




3.98 inches


3.80 inches


- IDI (indirect injection)
- Mechanical rotary pump


non-turbo, naturally aspirated

Max Engine Speed:

3,600 RPM


Introductory: 130 HP @ 3,600 RPM
Peak: 143 HP @ 3,600 RPM


Introductory: 240 lb-ft. @ 2,000 RPM
Peak: 257 lb-ft. @ 2,000 RPM


Economical, simple design architecture, reliability is good but there are some common areas of failure amongst 6.2L diesels. Designed to get fuel impressive fuel economy, not be a workhorse.






















6.2L GM Diesel Info

• Replaced the 5.7L Olds diesel for GMC/Chevrolet trucks.

• The 6.2L engine option cost less than $1,500.

• 6.2L was capable of achieving better fuel economy than some of General Motors V-6 gas engines.

• Engine weighs approx. 700 lbs.

• 6.2L powered trucks were federally rated up to 20 MPG city & 23 MPG highway.

• The Army version of the 6.2L was rated at 165 hp and 330 lb-ft.



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