IDI Diesel Specs

Guide to the 6.9L/7.3L International & 6.2L/6.5L GM Diesels

Though the old IDI's are short on power when you compare them to today's modern, electronically controlled diesels, the old school GM and International engines remain iconic to the industry. The mechanically injected designs are simple to work on, not to mention there was actually room under the hood to work on them, and they are great on fuel. While you can't break the 500 horsepower barrier with the flip of a switch, these engines are true workhorses and will never be replaced by modern technology. Whether you own one of the engines listed below, or are on the search for one, these tech resources and spec sheets should give you some useful information.



Engine Specs

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Production Years

6.9L IDI Diesel

International Harvester


7.3L IDI Diesel



6.2L GM Diesel

Detroit Diesel


6.5L GM Diesel

Destroit Diesel


5.7L Olds Diesel