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Super Turbo Charged Diesel

Super Turbocharged Diesels

Feeding your turbocharger with a supercharger is a growing trend in the diesel performance industry - see how it's done.

How Diesel Engines Work

This is a great tutorial provided by It includes animations to help you understand how a 4 stroke diesel engine works.

How Exhaust Brakes Work

Find out how exhaust brakes work to help slow down your truck as well as maintain safe speeds while decending long, steep grades.

How Urea Injection Works

Urea injection (diesel exhaust fluid) is becoming part of the modern diesels emissions system. Find out how urea injection reduces NOx emissions.

How Common Rail Works

High pressure common rail is the current injection method used by Ford, Dodge, and GM. See why HEUI and mechanical injectors have been replaced by this advanced system.

How Turbochargers Work

Turbochargers have brought diesel performance to new levels. Learn how they work and why they are essential to your turbodiesel.

How Diesel Chips Work

Performance "chips" or programmers are the easiest way to boost the performance of your modern, electronically controlled diesel.

How HEUI Injection Works

HEUI, or hydraulic electronic unit injectors, are the heart of every 7.3L and 6.0L Power Stroke, as well as a large number of CAT and International engines. See how they work.


Diesel Emissions Equipment

Learn about the various components that make up the emissions system on your diesel, including the DPF, SCR, DOC, & EGR systems.


Piezo Injectors

Piezo injectors are the latest in diesel technology. Find out what makes these advanced injectors work.


How sled pulling works

Learn the ins and outs of sled pulling, one of the highest performance motorsports in the world.