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1/2 Ton Diesel Pickup]1/2 Ton Diesels By Manufacturer:


Ford Motor Company Cummins/Dodge Toyota


2.7L Lion V6
3.6L Lion V8
• 4.4L Lion V8
• 4.2L Cummins V6
• 5.6L Cummins V8
• 8.0L Hino JO8E-TB
7.0L Diesel (rumors unconfirmed)
• 4.5L Toyota Twin Turbo V8

Current Status:

The amazing thing about Ford's possible 1/2 ton diesels is that all these engines exist and are available in European Ford vehicles. Ford could very easily offer a diesel in North America, but they have made it clear that they don't want to force a product on consumers & will be holding off on 1/2 ton diesels until the demand is greater. These engines came out in the news years ago and then completely disappeared. It seems as though the poor economic climate at Chrysler put an indefinite hold on the 1/2 ton Ram concept. We doubt Dodge will be the first to dive into the 1/2 ton diesel market, but if the demand was lucrative enough, these engines just might reappear. Toyota got a lot of people's hopes up when they announced a diesel Tundra for 2010...and then for 2011...and then for 2011/2012. Expect to see the 4.5L first, but not necessary anytime soon. The engine is based on a current Toyota diesel used in Australia, so the engine already exists. Meeting emissions requirements in the states might promote a challenge.
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General Motors



4.5L Duramax V8

2.8L Cummins 4 Cylinder

Current Status:

The project was killed off when the economy tanked & GM found themselves, for lack of a better word, broke. The 4.5L Duramax project is rumored to have been reopened by post-bankruptcy GM, but don't expect it to become available anytime soon.

Likely to be the first 1/2 ton diesel to make it into the market. Project scheduled to be completed by 2014. The Cummins powered Nissan Titan appears to be a sure thing.

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What are the benefits of using diesel engines in pickups?

3/4 and 1 ton pickups have been reaping the benefits of diesel engines for decades. A diesel engine offers fuel economy and performance that can not be beat by gasoline engines. A diesel engine provides, on average, a 20% increase in fuel economy over gasoline engines, and up to a 40% improvement while towing. Additionally, diesel engines emit extremely low carbon emissions, making them a much cleaner choice. A small diesel engine can produce more torque than a big block V-8 while achieving fuel economy in the 20s (try that with your Chevy 454 or Ford 460). Diesel engines would be a great fit for 1/2 ton pickups, providing unsurpassed fuel economy, performance, and driveability. Advances in materials engineering has brought such creations as compact graphite iron engine blocks, reducing engine weight so that a diesel engine would not compromise handling in a smaller pickup.


Who will be the first to offer a diesel in their 1/2 ton pickup?

Ford and Toyota currently use diesels outside of the U.S. and have shown interest in offering them in their 1/2 ton pickups. The biggest hurdle for these automakers is emissions and funds. The U.S. has much stricter emissions standards, and developing aftertreatment systems is an expensive feat. Additionally, truck sales are not exactly booming, and it automakers lack the confidence in sales to justify the extensive research & development costs. Rumors are circulating that GM is re-evaluating their 1/2 ton diesel project, which was scrapped after the company went bankrupt. Cummins developed 2 engines for Chrysler to use in the Ram 1500, but their poor financial status has killed the idea for now. The only automaker with a definitive plan and completion date is Nissan. They have teamed with Cummins (and the Department of Energy) to launch a 2.8L Cummins powered Nissan Titan. The scheduled completion date is 2014. Regardless, it is unclear who will be the first to break the ice. Diesels are finally becoming accepted in the United States, so hopefully a larger demand will be created in the coming future.


Latest 1/2 Ton Diesel Rumors:

Confirmed: Cummins, DOE, & Nissan 2.8L Cummins powered Nissan Titan project underway. Rumored: General Motors is showing interest in reviving the 4.5L Duramax project.