Diesel Performance

Aftermarket Performance Guide

You could literally spend thousands of dollars to see a 100 hp increase from any popular gasoline truck motor currently offered from Ford, GM, or Dodge. In most diesels, a few hundred dollars can buy you that same 100 hp. And with today's common rails, a few hundred dollars goes even further, easily gaining you 250-300 lb-ft at the crankshaft. Adding insult to injury, our diesels are stouter, meaing they can live at higher-than-factory power levels. If you're interested in getting more from your Cummins, Power Stroke, or Duramax diesel, you have come to the right place. Whether you want a mild performance increase for towing, or you want to build a 750 hp daily driver, the mods below will help you achieve your goals. Want to roll some coal? Blow the doors off a sports car? We've got that covered too!




















































The Diesel Performance Guide provided by DieselPowerNetwork.net is intended for educational & entertainment purposes only. DieselPowerNetwork.net does not sell or manufacturer parts, nor is in any way currently affiliated with the production of any performance enhancing products. Therefore, we provide no guarantee for advertised performance gains, nor will DieselPowerNetwork.net be held responsible for damages or engine problems that result from performing modifications featured in this guide. All information provided is based on manufacturer claims & the experience of diesel enthusiasts. Furthermore,it is recommended that you speak with a qualified respresentative before installing performance enhancing products, and that all installations are performed by a qualified technician.


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