6.7L Cummins vs. 6.7L Power Stroke

Displacement is where the similarities between these 2 diesels end. Since Ford and Dodge are offering very different diesels of the same displacement, we thought it may be interesting to see how these 2 compare side by side.



6.7L Cummins

6.7L Power Stroke



Ford Motor Company


6.7L, 409 cubic inches

6.7L, 409 cubic inches


Inline 6 cylinder diesel

V8 cylinder diesel

Bore x Stroke:

4.21 in x 4.88 in

3.90 in x 4.25 in


- cast iron engine block
- cast iron cylinder heads

- Compact graphite iron (CGI) engine block
- Aluminum cylinder heads


Bosch high pressure common rail

High pressure common rail


Single variable geometry turbocharger (VGT)

DualBoost single sequential turbocharger


350 HP @ 3,013 rpm

400 HP @ 2,800 rpm


800 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm

800 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm

Engine Weight:

1050 lbs (dry)

990 lbs (dry)

Emissions Equipment:

- Exhaust gas recirculation
- Diesel particulate filter w/ active regeneration

- Exhaust gas recirculation
- Diesel particulate filter w/ active regeneration
- Selective catalyst reduction w/ urea injection

Alternative Fuels:

B20 biodiesel compatible

B20 biodiesel compatible


- Does not utilize urea injection (SCR) to meet emissions regulations like the Power Stroke does. Refilling the exhaust fluid tank can be inconvenient.
- Offered with a manual transmission.

- 6.7L Power Stroke maintains peak torque from
1,600 - 2,800 rpm.
- Use of urea injection (SCR) helps make the emissions equipment operate more efficiently, boosting the fuel economy up to 20%. Additionally, the cost or DEF (urea, diesel exhaust fluid) is offset by the savings accumulated by lower fuel consumption.


- Fuel economy suffers due to the use of active regeneration. Cummins does not utilize SCR like Ford/GM to increase fuel economy.
- Manual transmission equipped trucks will have significantly lower output (800 lb-ft is only available with automatic transmission).

- Not offered with a manual transmission.
- Ford's first in house built Power Stroke - most speculate the engine is a winner, but only time will tell.


6.7L Cummins Turbodiesel

6.7L Power Stroke Turbodiesel


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